This document is from "CVS/doc/contrib.txt"
How to Contribute to Pidget

The Pidget development model is similar to that of the Linux kernel.  There
are a select few users who have write access to the CVS repository.  This is
in no way intended to discourage contributions, however, additions to the
Pidget source must be submitted through patches.  Your patch will be
reviewed and if it is clean, consistant, and matches Pidget's goals, then it
will most likely be added to the code base with appropriate credit given to
its author.

IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to read through the codestyle.txt document before
submitting patches.  Patches that do not adhere to the coding standards for
Pidget are much more likely to be rejected until they are corrected.  Please
save us all some time and conform to the standards for this project.

Here is the process for submitting a bug fix or a feature addition to the
Pidget developers:

    1.  Make sure that when you make changes, you make them based off of an
        anonymous CVS checkout.  This will allow you to ensure that your
        patch is off of the absolute latest Pidget code, and will make it
        easier for us to insert it into CVS.  To make sure that everything
        is up to date, run the following command before (or after, if you
        know what you are doing) modifying your code:

            $ cd /path/to/pidget
            $ cvs update

    2.  After all your changes have been made, run the following command in
        the base level of that tree:

            $ cd /path/to/pidget
            $ cvs diff -wu5 > some-name.patch

    3.  Submit the patch through the online patch submission system on
        SourceForge.  We require that you be authenticated to SourceForge
        in order to submit a patch.  This is so we have a verified point of
        contact for the patch.  If you do not have a SourceForge account
        (and do not wish to create one), please email the patch to  Otherwise, you can submit the
        patch through this URL:

We try to keep up to date with these patches.  If you do not get a response
(accepted or rejected) within a week, please email the developers mailing
list and let us know that the patch is still waiting for review.  We welcome
all contributions!
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