Why Use Pidget?

Haven't there been a lot of templating engines created for PHP already? Isn't this just another templating engine?

Yes, there are a lot of good templating engines, and no, this isn't just another templating engine. Like all good projects, this one arose out of a need. CommNav develops a portal framework and application suite in PHP. There are hundreds of thousands of lines of code in this project, and maintaining GUI standards was becoming next to impossible. If we wanted to change all submit buttons from saying "Submit" to saying "OK", this required touching thousands of lines of code. Not an idea situation.

With Pidget, the details about the HTML presentation are written in widget styles which are only written once, but used as objects throughout the application. This way, there is one line of code to modify if the above change were to be made.

But that is just one benefit of Pidget. A very common bug in web applications in PHP is to forget to quote strings coming back from forms, or to incorrectly quote them. This is another instance where the same code must be implemented across an entire application multiple times. With Pidget, those security details are handled in the widgets, rather than in the application code. The application developer does not need to worry about such mundane details.

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